Tuesday, August 30, 2022

OUT NOW! His Reluctant Omega

His Reluctant Omega

(Omega Quadrant, 2)

by Kelex

Omega Avery Stephens refuses to be the compliant, submissive mate he was raised to be. He’s tired of being told he’s less than and will have to wait for an alpha to come and ‘save’ him from the virtual prison that is the Omega Quadrant.

After his fathers die in a tragic accident, he must stand up and be responsible for his younger omega brothers. Knowing their savings will only last so long, he looks to the future. Avery will need an income and not the pittance an omega can make. He shears his long locks, purchases illegal scent blockers, and misrepresents himself into college under the pseudonym Abraham Norcross, a beta.

Once there, Avery does everything in his power to prove his kind can be more than ‘a womb with legs’, but when he comes across his alpha, he struggles not to be the stereotypical weak and needy omega. Instinct causes him to think too much about dropping to his knees and begging the man to fill him with a child.

Can he find a path somewhere between heaven and hell—and still hold on to his self-respect?
This is chonky 140,000 word gay non-shifter omegaverse book filled with a lot of love, some pain, a few tears (but not as many as the first book, I hope!), and plenty of spicy times between a loving alpha and his omega.

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