Thursday, February 24, 2022

It's been a while... WRITING UPDATE Early 2022

I haven't posted on here in some time. Since I've recently gotten a couple of emails asking what's coming, I figured I'd get my butt on here and do an update.

~I released a FREE NOVELLA last month, One Night With The Boss (A Daddy Tales Story), on Prolific Works with the Your Book Boyfriend's Boyfriend promotion. Getting a PW account is free and you can download the story here:  It'll be free until Dec 31, 2022 and then on Amazon after that date. 

~I'm at 86,000 words on One Week With His Stepbrother (Daddy Tales, 3) and should *hopefully* have it done this week and off to my editor. No ETA on release quite yet, but it's coming soon! (Probably early March 2022)

~After DT3, I'm returning for the fifth time to Wilder and Avery's story. Hopefully we will see His Reluctant Omega released this year. Fifth times the charm, right? RIGHT? (Send good thoughts)

~I plan to return to the Alphas of the Western Provinces after that. Not sure who's story quite yet, but we have a couple of contenders.

~I've also written a short story featuring WYNTER of all people. I'm holding on to it because it would give away a MAJOR twist from Wilder and Avery's book. Can Wynter be redeemed? IDK.. but at the very least, that short will explain why Jamie and Wynter's relationship was so complicated. I *might* turn the short into a novel of its own, I may not. I'm not sure. We'll see what happens and if Wynter is worth redemption.


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