Friday, May 28, 2021

Howdy Stranger!

One of my last posts was sharing that I was recovering from COVID-19 and I haven't been back to follow-up since March. To be totally honest, I really wasn't completely myself until the last few weeks -- and I put nose to grindstone to finish The Omega's Hesitant Hero.

Which, I am glad to say, IS DONE.

My editor and beta readers have it in their hands right now, so we're getting closer to a release date. It should be available sometime in the first two weeks of June.

Now I'm turning my sites onto Daddy Tales, 3 -- as it's about 75% complete and I want to write another THE END.

After... it's all about Avery and Wilder. I WILL get it done this year. I have promised myself.

Now back to The Omega's Hesitant Hero... 

WHY did I write another omegaverse when I have Avery and Wilder's story to write? Well... it just kind of happened. I'd been invited to take part in the Winter Wonderland Event in January and offer up a short winter-based story. I started writing one that had been lingering in the back of my mind for some time and it was great... only it went well past short story length.

So I put it on the back burner, wrote Snow Place Like Home for Winter Wonderland, and then returned to the new omegaverse story to finish it while everything was still fairly fresh. Then COVID hit and I was out of commission for two months.

Once I was better, I returned to the new story. What I thought would be a quick finish ended up evolving into a 95,000 word story, so in other words, it wasn't quick. It took April and most of May to get back into the swing of things and finish. But now it is DONE and I can move on, finish up this sexy daddy, and go hog wild on Avery and Wilder after. 

Fifth times a charm, right?

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