Wednesday, January 30, 2019

New Release - Cupid's Errors (Suddenly His Alpha by Kelex)

So what happens when Cupid makes a mistake and his arrows go awry? Find out this collection of six sweet, sexy tales we promise will get your blood pumping and your mind on romance. 

Tales range across the spectrum, because love is love.

The Dragon Lady and Louis XIV by Alexandra O’Hurley
CEO Georgina Coleman is demanding and she never yields—that is, until Cupid's arrow hits.

His Mortal  by Aliyah Burke
After the God of War makes a bet with Eros and has to forego his powers to woo one mortal female, he soon realizes he's underestimated the power of a woman.

A Valentine’s Deal by TL Reeve
One interview, two lusty incubi club owners, and one reporter who hates Valentine's Day—will she accept their offer on that heart-filled night or ignore the lust racing in her veins?

Hardwood Hearts by Hayden West
When one young man's confronted by the stranger he slept with on a wild Vegas night, he has to face the need he's tried to hide from the world.

The Werewolf, the Vampire, and Cupid’s Wish by TL Reeve
Born worlds apart, but forced to work together, two supernatural beings need to seek out a Valentine's Day killer—if they can only ignore the lust driving them ever closer to the edge.

Suddenly His Alpha: An Omegaverse Short by Kelex
Tulla doesn't want a mate, but when an alpha from his past proves to be his future, he cannot deny the instinctual call. But is that love—or simply chemistry?

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