Sunday, December 24, 2017

Sunday Spotlight - RJ Richards and Invaded

Welcome RJ Richards to SundaySpotlight. RJ has already been a source of drama upon release -- when his book was BANNED by AMAZON!  If you're a fan of super dark dub-con, this book just might be up your alley...


Mate Them

RJ Richards

English Edition

Danny has been part of the human resistance against the alien invasion since the day they arrived on his ruined planet. But when a daring mission goes awry, Danny is captured by the alien force and taken to the one place he has tried to avoid for so long. Their mothership. And it is a place where humans are known to go but never to return...

The Kal’vo have come to Earth with one mission and one mission only – to breed the remaining humans. Danny is the perfect addition to their breeding stock, and now they have him on their ship they’re going to do everything in their power to ensure that he submits to their demands.

But Danny has no intention of submitting...not to the first alien who comes for him...and certainly not to any of the others that follow. But Danny has never met males like these and it may be that before long, he starts to wonder exactly what he is resisting against…


UPDATE:  *An edited version has been loaded to Amazon that omits some of the harder dub-con that prevented Amazon from accepting it -- copies on the following sites are the original, full story*


It happened before Danny even realized it, before he could even think to stop it, and before he could even think to escape it. The top of the platform, the place where he was right next to, the place that had looked completely innocuous, suddenly came alive. Thick, silver chains snaked out from the sides of it and wrapped themselves around Danny’s arms. They pulled on them so before Danny could so much as gasp his arms were outstretched and locked into place.

As Danny tensed and pulled on his outstretched arms, the platform bed began to move. It lifted up, lifted Danny up, so that before long he was completely upright, directly in front of the alien, held tight to the platform, no escape possible.

“No!” Danny roared, but the alien ignored him.

He looked down at the bottom of the platform and waited for a moment. Chains soon came from the bottom too and wrapped around Danny’s ankles, pulling his legs into place, holding them wide open like his arms. A moment more and the platform started to vibrate. A whistling sounded in Danny’s ears, and his body started to shake.

For one awful moment Danny thought he was going to feel the pain that he had felt earlier. How could he possibly resist whatever the alien was going to do to him if he was doubled over in agony? But the pain didn’t come. Instead, and to Danny’s horror, his clothes started to fall away from his body, fluttering off him in tiny pieces, so that before long Danny’s body was bare and naked, his soft cock exposed to the alien’s hungry view.

The alien nodded at that and pulled Danny’s sneakers off his feet. He threw them over his shoulder. They landed on the floor with a thud.

“This is what I require,” the alien said.

Tension gripped Danny. His stomach clenched from it. He was now completely trapped. Completely vulnerable. He could do absolutely nothing to stop whatever was going to come next.

“Don’t,” he gasped.

The alien simply smiled. He moved forwards, positioning himself in a very obvious way. He placed each of his palms against the platform bed, one either side of Danny’s body. And then, slowly, so that Danny could see every movement, the alien lowered himself onto the floor.

Danny knew what the alien had planned the moment he licked his lips. Panic and fear shot through Danny at the prospect.

He tried to squirm away.

He tried to pull against the chains.

But they held firm.

There was nowhere to go.

There was no escape.

There was no stopping this!

The first touch of the alien’s tongue against Danny’s soft cock made that absolutely clear. Danny gasped from the contact. Gasped from how it felt. Again, he tried to shift his body, but it was impossible. The chains on the bed held Danny firm, and the alien took full advantage of that fact. He licked Danny from the root of his cock all the way to the head. And then he licked again. As Danny panted and squirmed, the alien licked his cock over and over and over, for one minute, for two, and then for many more.

Danny gritted his teeth.

Clenched his body.

Closed his eyes tight.

But, no matter how much he tried to pretend it wasn’t happening he could feel it. Hot lapping after hot lapping and the sensations that hot tongue created could not be denied, could not be ignored, they were right fucking there!

And Danny’s cock hardened.

He could not stop it.

No matter how hard he tried he couldn’t stop it.

Under the alien’s hot tongue Danny’s cock thickened until it was fully erect. Danny snapped his eyes open and looked down, he couldn’t help himself. His cock-head was red and swollen. Pre-cum blossomed on the tip. The alien licked it up with a soft growl.

“No...” Danny gasped.

“Yes,” the alien said.

“Don’t do this,” Danny heard himself beg because what else was there now but that? For all his bravado, for all his plans, begging was his only option.

“But your cock is hard for me, human,” the alien said and there was no denying the satisfaction in his tone.

“Because you made it hard!” Danny gasped.

“I made you hard.”

Danny shook his head. “No...I...that’s not what I meant!”

“But that’s the truth,” the alien said. “And soon you will beg me to continue. Beg me to never stop from pleasuring you.” He paused. “And, I will pleasure you. Over and over I will give you exactly what you need.”
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