Sunday, August 6, 2017

Sunday Spotlight -- Victoria Vallo and Tangling with His Tiger

Welcome Victoria Vallo back to Sunday Spotlight!  She's here today to share a bit from her new Shifters of Arizia series with us.  The first book is Tangling with His Tiger.

Captain Byron Gregg sails into his home port with a bounty to collect on and a longing for someone new in his bed. When he notices a man watching him, he can’t help being intrigued. Yet once he’s collected his reward, Byron can’t find the man anywhere. He searches all over the village, delighted when he finally finds the man and manages to pull him into an alley—and into his arms.

The only problem is … he’s kissing the wrong man.

Byron senses the other man is also a shifter, and his inner bear wants nothing more than to claim him. Eric runs away, insisting he’s not interested in Byron. But the bear can’t get the scent or taste of Eric out of his system. He’s skilled at hunting down pirates, and now he’s setting out to hunt down his mate…

Eric sighed as he turned his collar up against the wind. The dark clouds moved in faster now, and he still had several errands to do for Vane Harold. The man had been kind and understanding when Eric’s twin brother Samuel had been caught shirking his duties, not to mention fucking the vane’s youngest daughter. Eric resented how Samuel had tarnished their family’s reputation as good clansmen, and he was determined to show Harold that he was a far better man than his lazy, conniving twin.

As he moved past the entrance to an alleyway, a strong hand reached out and grabbed him. Before Eric could even react, he found himself pushed face first up against the stone wall of the butcher’s shop, the muscular body of a large man holding him in place. He could feel the man’s large cock rubbing against his ass.

“I only have a little coin. I’m hardly worth fooling with,” Eric whispered, though he didn’t think he was about to be robbed. The man’s erection pressed against him even more, and Eric had to stop himself from pushing back and encouraging his attacker. He hadn’t felt a man’s touch in a long time, but a back alley fumble was hardly the way to scratch that itch.

“You know that isn’t what I want,” his assailant whispered, his tone surprisingly soothing and gentle. The man backed up enough to turn Eric around, but he still kept Eric pinned there against the stones. Eric drew in a breath as he stared at the handsome man. He’d intended to put his attacker at ease and then knee him in the crotch and make a run for it, but this man was no ordinary thug. He looked like a sailor, possibly one of rank. He wore fine leather boots and tight breeches that showed off the erection Eric had just felt pressed against him. His white shirt was clean, and his brocade waistcoat seemed to have been tailored specifically for him. His beard was well trimmed, and his long brown and gold hair was clean. And looked very touchable.

Eric licked his lips. He’d only slept with one man before, but he’d loved every moment of the rough, passionate fucking. “I think you’ll find a more suitable companion down by the docks,” Eric said. “This part of town is a bit more respectable.”

The man laughed. “Is it respectable to follow a man around with lust in your eyes and then vanish?”

Eric didn’t understand at all. Who was the man talking about? He’d been the one following Eric around, hadn’t he? And he certainly hadn’t vanished. Their bodies were pressed close now, and Eric worried his cock might start responding soon. He’d never be able to get away if the man felt him getting hard. Eric started to speak, but the man stopped him with a kiss. The embrace was slow but heated, and Eric felt as if he was being branded by the man’s mouth. No one had ever kissed him so deeply before.

The man broke the kiss and opened a few buttons on Eric’s shirt, his mouth and tongue exploring. “Smell so damn good. Taste even better.”

Eric gasped when the man’s teeth grazed his neck. But he didn’t resist, even though he could feel the heat creeping up his face. He’d never done anything like this out in the open, and the street would only get busier as people tried to get home and out of the coming rain.

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