Tuesday, November 22, 2016

NEW RELEASE: Rescued, Novus Prime, 2

Daius has spent his days searching for a way into the Neptune Colony, as have many other bio-males. After failing the humans once, he’s adamant he can help free the colony. When he follows a rumor about a stolen Hje transport filled with heliotrope, he tracks down the pirates who took it—along with a piece of special cargo the Hje are anxious to retrieve.

Once he unlocks one door, he finds he needs another key.

Izak Abernathy has lived his entire life on Neptune. Trying to rebel got him locked up and left to rot. His future changes when the head of the Hje choses him as a personal servant—which puts him straight in the path of Daius.

Is Izak the key to giving Daius everything he wants?

Daius rested his head on the human’s door. He could hear the torment in the man’s voice, the pleading to be helped. Frustration filled Daius’ body, knowing there was little he could do until they got him to the station.

He fingered the medinjector in his pocket, wondering if the medicine could help the man. Would it ease some of his suffering or react to whatever drug was already swirling within his system?

Unable to stop himself, he opened the locked door and walked inside. The door slid closed behind him, leaving the room oppressively dark. He could smell the scent of seed. The human had been masturbating for hours and had found release, it seemed.

But hadn’t found solace.

“Help me,” the human whispered next to him.

“I don’t know how to help you,” Daius said, his voice raw.

“You do,” the man said, growing closer.

Daius’ eyes began to adjust to the low light and he could see the man’s outline seconds before he felt two palms move up his chest.

“You know exactly what I need,” the man said. “Fuck me. Make me come. Over and over again.”

Daius closed his eyes, knowing he shouldn’t do that. He couldn’t give this man what he was begging for, no matter how much he wanted to. “I can’t.”

“Can’t? Or won’t?” the man asked before lowering one hand and gripping Daius’ already hard shafts. “I know you want to. I know you want to stick your hot staff inside my ass and fuck me raw.”

Daius shuddered, trying to hold back. Whatever the drug was, it had turned the man into an incubus, a demon driven by his need for sex. When the demon was gone and only the human remained, would he be able to look back on these moments and know he’d done the right thing?

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