Sunday, October 9, 2016

Guest Author - Misha Paige and A Serpent's Bond

Welcome Misha Paige to my blog this weekend. She's sharing a bit of her recent release, A Serpent's Bond.

A former foster kid, Hudson always had a simple dream for a perfect life. A husband to love and a family he could come home to every night. It wasn’t a fancy wish, but it might as well have been. 

Approaching forty, he’s still single—and fighting the battle of the bulge—so his dream probably wasn’t going to happen. Not in this lifetime. 

Especially not with Drakein Nacash, the drop dead gorgeous man who’s the subject of his nightly fantasies and barely even knows he exists. 

In one day, his life is turned upside down and he’s introduced to a myth turned real. What if he could have everything he ever dreamed of? 

I stepped into a huge office, my eyes immediately drawn past the sleek wooden desk that was clear of all clutter, to the wall of windows overlooking Central Park. I was still standing, lost in the view when I heard an elevator behind me. Surprised, I turned to watch Mr. Nachash walk out of a set of doors at the far side of the room.

I swallowed down my knee-jerk of lustful thoughts, praying that my dick wouldn’t humiliate me by standing at full attention.

At well over six and half feet tall with a bone frame that went well past large, he should’ve looked like a lumbering giant as he walked towards me. Instead, he moved with a sinuous grace, the lines of his charcoal gray suit flowing with every step. His black eyes tilted in his longish face as he smiled at me. His thick dark blonde hair was pulled back in its usual leather tie at the base of his head, and my fingers itched to run through those silken-looking strands.

Or have him trail the ends over my naked body.

I couldn’t hold back my shudder of arousal.

His nostrils flared and heat flashed in his eyes before he stepped up to me and smiled. “Hello, Hudson.” After a long moment where all I could do was blink up at him, he chuckled. “May I have the envelope, please?”

Embarrassment stained my cheeks as I stammered, “Y…yes. Of course.” I handed it to him, a wave of bitter disappointment flooding me as I started to back away. What the hell? Had I actually thought there had been more to this?

“Hudson, wait.” His deep voice stopped me in my tracks as he moved closer, tossing my delivery onto a leather club chair, dropping to a husky whisper as he continued, “That was only an excuse to get you back here.”

My gaze shot back up to his. “What—why?”

“Because I can’t do this out there and I’m tired of fucking waiting for you to give me a green light when I attempt small talk.”

Green light? No, he can’t mean—

In the next second his mouth covered mine as his hands yanked my body against his. The kiss wasn’t the least bit gentle as my lips, then my jaw was forced open. His tongue invading, in a passionate attack that had me moaning into it as I went limp, surrendering.

A muscled thigh thrust between my legs as his hands pulled me tighter, my aching cock rubbing almost painfully hard against him.

When he pulled away from the kiss I whimpered as my mouth tried to follow his. He dug his hand into my hair, holding me still while his chest heaved. His eyes burned down at me as he spoke. “How far do I take it, Hudson? If you tell me to stop, I will but, I want to touch you more.” He braced his forehead against mine as he let out a ragged breath. “After all this time I need to keep touching you.”

Common sense and all thoughts of self-preservation died away as I saw the desire in his eyes, felt his thick dick rubbing against me. This wasn’t me. The urge to surrender was overwhelming and frightening, but as I felt an answering need firing through me I didn’t care anymore. “Take anything you want. My mouth, my ass. Anything.”

His dark eyes held mine, intense and triumphant. “Of your own, free will, you are giving me anything I desire?”

A voice screamed in the back of my head, but I didn’t care. “Yes!”
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