Friday, September 16, 2016

NEW RELEASE: Captured (Novus Prime) by Kelex

I totally dropped the ball and forgot to post this on Wednesday (release day).  I don't know where my head is recently.  I KNEW I was forgetting something.

So yeah... here it is!  I've finally rewturned to the Sci-Fi that I adore.  I love this story so much!

Daniel is one of the last existing humans in the universe. Sold into sexual slavery by the very beings who destroyed Earth, he lives day by day, surviving by yielding to his master. That is, until he’s captured and stolen from the whorehouse he called home by one of the men who aided in his planet’s destruction. 

Galec has been sent to find Daniel—and the map the human wears on his arm. A mythic treasure of untold value lays at the end, if they can only decipher it. He captures the human, hoping the male knows more about the prize. 

What Galec doesn’t expect is to fall for the human. Suddenly, the treasure isn’t as valuable as what he’s already found. 

But can the human accept him—one Daniel claims helped destroy the world? 


Galec felt the transport shutter violently and knew they’d docked. Daius was hard on a ship. He’d have to repay the favor sometime soon and beat up one of Daius’ toys. Galec rose from his seat, grabbed his jacket and a case from the floor in one hand before walking over to Daniel.

“Play nice,” he said.

“Not on your life,” Daniel retorted.

Galec knelt before him. “You want to play the captive? Go for it. I can make this much harder than it needs to be.”

Daniel glared before spitting in Galec’s face.

Galec tightened his jaw while wiping the spit away. He collected himself, tightening his control. When he finally spoke, his words were even and calm, even if his emotions were a roiling mass within. “You will regret doing that. Trust me.”

Galec unbuckled the clasped of the seat before grabbing a handful of rope and his other items before hefting the nearly hogtied human over one shoulder. “Thank you for the help, Daius,” he said before the male opened the bay doors.

“Anytime,” Daius said, a hint of mirth to his tone. “Be sure to update me on Novus.”

“Of course,” Galec said as he walked down the bay door and into his own ship. “You’ll be one of the first I call.”

He heard the bay doors closing behind him as he crossed the cargo bay. “Computer, update?”

“Systems are normal, sir. I see your plans were fruitful.”

“Aye, Computer.” Galec laid his pack and jacket down once he made it to the empty bridge. He sailed the ship alone on his quest, besides the AI installed to keep him company. After checking a few of the monitors to see if they’d been followed, he instructed the computer further. “Set a course for Alpha Base—taking the long way, of course.”

“Of course,” the female voice repeated. “Shall I keep long range sensors on to search for any vessels following us?”

“That would be prudent,” Galec said. “I’ll return to the bridge once I get our—guest—situated.”

Galec unbound Daniel’s legs and lowered the man to his feet. “Walk.”

Daniel dropped to his knees, a defiant look to his face.

Galec stepped closer, pressing his pelvis against the side of the human’s face. His shafts were still semi-hard from their play, even after the chaos of their escape, and he was sure the human felt it. “If you want to play that game, I can up the ante.”

A thrill rushed through Galec, making his cocks thicken. He hadn’t expected the strong reaction—only to take the human down a notch. He pushed the vision of his cocks sliding in and out of Daniel’s sweet mouth from his mind and focused on the job at hand.

The kisses in the whorehouse had been unplanned.

He’d been there to get in, get the human, and get out, not fondle and kiss the man. For some reason, he’d been unable to walk away without tasting a little of what the human had to offer.

Daniel’s eyes widened, and he fell away from Galec. “Take me back.”

“Won’t happen.” Galec grabbed the human’s binding and dragged him back to his feet. “Come willingly, or unwillingly. I don’t much care at this point.”
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