Sunday, April 3, 2016

Guest Author -- April Andrews and A Lesson for the Intern

It’s been just over a month but already Marcus Wells is regretting hiring the nephew of an old friend. Not only is Theo perpetually late and insolent, he’s left Marcus with a raging desire that seems destined to remain unfulfilled.

After yet another complaint about Theo’s behavior, Marcus heads to the younger man’s office to give him a dressing down. Only, he finds Theo doing something that he should not be doing in the office.

Marcus is ready to fire Theo there and then…until he sees exactly what Theo is watching on his computer screen and realizes that Theo doesn’t need to be fired at all. He needs to be taught a lesson, and by a man who knows exactly how to do so.


To say that Marcus was shocked would be an understatement. He stood there, in the doorway of Theo’s tiny office, taking the scene in, and trying to think of something, anything to say.

Only, he couldn’t.

He was speechless.

Because in that moment Marcus did not think that he had ever seen anything more erotic than what he was seeing now. Theo was sat right there, at his desk, still fully clothed in pants, a white shirt and a purple tie. His chair was pushed back slightly and from the looks of it he had simply unzipped his pants and pulled his cock free. His right hand was wrapped around the root of his cock, slick with pre-cum, catching the light and shining in a way that made Marcus want to fall to his knees and lick up every single drop.

Theo’s eyes were half-closed, his shock of auburn hair falling over his face. His sexy body was tense beyond belief, and it was obvious that the tension wasn’t simply because Marcus had burst in on him. He had clearly been watching something on the computer screen and it had turned him on because his free hand was clenched tight, his lips open on a moan.

He looked beautiful.

Marcus wanted him with a fierceness that was shocking.

His eyes travelled back down to Theo’s throbbing cock—he absolutely couldn’t help it—and he could only gape as he looked at it. It was both long and thick, with slim veins throbbing below the surface. It was only when Theo let out a gasp that Marcus was able to tear his eyes away from the other man’s dick and look up—their gazes colliding.

Something passed between them in that moment. Marcus had no idea what it was, and he grasped the door handle so hard he was surprised the damn thing didn’t simply snap off. He was surprised too when it was Theo that eventually broke the silence.


‘Fuck’ was both an understatement and an exact perfect description of what Marcus wanted to be doing. His cock was rock hard in his pants, and he wanted to wrap his hand around it just like Theo was doing. No, that was a lie, he wanted Theo’s hand around it, Theo’s hand caressing it, he wanted Theo full fucking stop.

Marcus opened his mouth to reply to Theo’s shocked word, to say something, but couldn’t find any words. Instead, he waited, expecting Theo to hurry to cover himself, but the other man seemed frozen on the spot, those ear buds still in, his hand still wrapped around his cock.

“What are you doing in here?” he eventually gasped.

Marcus’ mind cleared enough for him to consider how he should respond to that. The way he saw it he had two choices. He could turn around and go back the way he had come. Pretend that he had not seen what was destined to become the thing he re-played over and over during his night time masturbation sessions. Or, he could stand his ground and deal with the fact that one of his staff thought it okay to jerk off in the office.

The part of him that wanted Theo so bad opted for option one. The other part of him, the boss, the man in charge, knew it had to be option two.

“What am I doing in one of my offices?” he finally said.

Theo shook his head. “I didn’t...I thought everyone had left.”

Marcus arched a brow. “Clearly.”

“This isn’t what it looks like,” Theo said.

Marcus wasn’t even sure how to respond to that apart from the very obvious and so that was the way he went. “It looks like you’re pleasuring yourself,” he said. 

And check out April's previous release, Bend for the Billionaire!

When Ben Carson is fired from his job for a crime he did not commit he decides to go straight to the man at the top to get it back. But that man, billionaire tycoon Reyes Matthews, is not quite what Ben expected. Steely-eyed and with a personality to match, Ben quickly realizes that he may have bitten off slightly more than he can chew…

When Ben bursts into his office—uninvited—Reyes is very, very angry. He has a business empire to run and no time for one man’s problems. Until he gets a good look at Ben that is, and that anger quickly transforms into something else entirely. Lust. Pure and unadulterated.

Reyes wants Ben in his bed and he won’t take no for an answer. But for Ben—who has never wanted another man—Reyes’ intensity is almost more than he can handle. Will he be able to accept Reyes’ demands or will he find that he is unable to bend for the billionaire?


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