Friday, March 4, 2016

The McCreary Clan - A Guide to Bear Mountain's Wild Cubs

As any of you who've been reading along with Bear Mountain know, the McCrearys have been a thorn in just about everyone's side at one point or another.

***SPOILERS AHEAD***  Turn back now if you're not caught up with the series -- through book eight.  Consider yourself warned.

From book two on, we've hated the McCrearys, particularly patriarchs Tymber and Taryn.  Between Tymber's viciousness and Taryn's apathy, the two were never meant to be fathers to anyone and prove it with their lack of... well, everything.

Both are bastard cousins of Carron, which means both Tymber and Taryn are also cousins.

Tymber and Taryn built their clan upon a series of human slaves-- men they'd steal, often from the humans visiting the mountain's inn or restaurant.  They preferred to chain, beat, and rape those humans and beget their own line of terrors.

Terrors they refuse to educate or prepare for the world they live in.

After the death of Tymber and Taryn, what will become of these wild boys?

You'll find out more in book nine, A Beta for Two Bears... but Tymber and Taryn had a HUGE brood.  It's going to be hard to keep up with all those McCrearys!  I even struggled -- so I had to make up a list.  I thought it could help you, too.

Here is a full accounting, listed in birth order:

Jamie McCreary – deceased at age 16 (runaway, assumed dead) 

Asher McCreary – omega outcast from the family, age 25 (mated to Graham and Airan) 

Colton McCreary – deceased at age 14 (runaway, assumed dead) 

Penn McCreary – deceased at age 13 (runaway, assumed dead) 

Tyler McCreary – age 21 

Ronan McCreary – age 19 

Dillon McCreary – age 18 

Mikel McCreary – age 17 

Colm McCreary – age 15 

Eugene McCreary – deceased at age 10 (died of infection after vicious beating by Tymber) 

Jordan McCreary – died at birth, along with his human father 

Rafe McCreary – age 8 

Tarlock “Tar” McCreary – age 7 

Jeremy McCreary – age 6 

Jedidiah McCreary – age 5 

Martin McCreary* – age 4, deceased (murdered by Tymber) 

George McCreary* – age 4, deceased (murdered by Tymber) 

Andrew McCreary – died at birth, along with his human father 

Sully/Sullivan – age 1 (raised by Landon, Collier, and Eric, away from the McCreary chaos)

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