Sunday, January 24, 2016

Guest Author -- Adam Charles and His Omega

Welcome Adam Charles back -- and an excerpt from the new release, His Omega

Mace wasn’t looking for a mate, but when his alpha makes an alliance with the nearest pack, an omega intended for Mace is part of the deal. Mace goes into the relationship wanting nothing more than to please his alpha, but the omega’s reluctance to commit to the mating right away gives him pause. He convinces the younger man to give him a chance, and Mace soon discovers that being with this omega is going to bring him pleasure far beyond simply pleasing his own alpha.

Mace walked across the clearing to Gideon’s cabin when the truck pulled up. Thomas hopped out right away and moved to Gideon’s side. The two men embraced, and Mace looked away as he tried to compose his features. The man who had to be Noah got out of the truck more slowly. He closed his door and turned right away to begin unloading the bags.
Mace walked over and helped him. The younger man stopped and looked over at him. Noah had jet black hair and clear blue eyes. He was fair skinned and trim, but not too skinny. “I’m Mace.” He stopped and extended his hand.
“Noah. I’m Thomas’s brother.”
“Yes, I know.” Mace returned to unloading the bags.
Noah reached for another bag. “You must be his second.”
“Yes.” When the truck was unloaded, he asked, “Which bags are yours?”
Noah looked around. “These three here.”
Mace nodded. “My cabin is over here.” He picked up all three of Noah’s bags and began walking over there.
“I’m staying with you?” Noah asked, as he moved to catch up with Mace.
“Where else would you stay?”
Noah glanced around. “Well, I thought we were supposed to get to know each other first.”
Mace didn’t miss a beat. “There’s a guest room, and it’s ready for you.”
“Oh, I see.”
“I told you he’d fall for you right away,” Thomas yelled from across the clearing. “Can’t get you moved in fast enough.”
Noah turned bright red as the two alphas walked over. Gideon said nothing, but Thomas grinned at them.
“He was worried you wouldn’t like him,” Thomas said as he hugged his brother briefly and then patted him on the back. “I knew it was nonsense. Omega or not, our line’s full of handsome males.”
Noah cleared his throat. “I wasn’t worried about my looks. We’re trying to change things, remember? It’s time matches were phased out.”
Mace didn’t know what to say. If Noah didn’t want him, Mace would lose his chance to be the one to raise Gideon’s heirs. He didn’t like that idea. “How about you give me a chance first?”
Noah’s cheeks pinkened again. “I meant no offense. I just feel like I’m being hoisted off on you. I don’t want to put you out.”
Mace felt Gideon watching him. He moved over to Noah. “I’m not objecting. I’m looking forward to getting to know such a beautiful male.” Mace wasn’t exactly lying. Noah was attractive.
“All right,” Noah said after a few moments of silence.
Mace nodded and took Noah’s bags inside. Noah followed him to the guest room, looking around as they moved through the cabin.
“You have a lovely home,” Noah said.
“Thank you. Were you still living with your brother in your pack?”
“Yes. In my pack, omegas stayed with their families until they were old enough to breed. Then they would move to their own cabins.”
Mace put Noah’s bags down and looked him over. “You’re more than old enough to breed. Aren’t you?”
Noah nodded. “Twenty. But Thomas didn’t want me to just be a breeder. He wanted me to have a mate. A real family.”
Mace moved closer. “Lots of omegas will have that in years to come. I think it will be better for everyone. Omegas will no longer have large broods of children with different fathers. It’ll be better.” In the confined space, Noah’s scent surrounded him. He took a deep breath.
Noah turned to look out the window.
Mace hesitated, but finally he said, “You’re worried because you’re about to go into heat. That’s why you wanted to be somewhere else.”
Noah gripped the window sill. “Yes. I don’t want you to accept me because of that. It’s easy to think you’re compatible with someone when you’re fucking all the time.”
“Are you a virgin?”
“But no one ever seeded you?”
Noah turned around and leaned back against the chest of drawers by the window. “No. There was only one man. He pulled out and didn’t knot me. We only had sex a few times.”
“You do prefer men then?”
Noah nodded.
“Do you find me appealing?”
Noah looked him up and down. “Yes. You’re handsome. Strong. Your alpha favors you above all others, so you must be a good man.”
Mace stepped closer again. “We don’t have to have sex. While you’re in heat the next few days, I can simply meet your needs.”
“You don’t have to.”
“I’d prefer it to you being bedded by another. I want to please my alpha. He desires this.”
“And you?”
Mace chose his words carefully. “I want children, and I find you appealing. If you’ll accept me as your mate, I’ll enjoy giving you many pups.”
Noah cast his gaze down.
“Don’t you want children?”
“I do.”
“Are you afraid?”
“A little bit.”
Since male omegas had to give birth via Cesarean, Mace understood. “I’d take good care of you, I promise.”
Noah looked up at him. “You seem to have already made your mind up.”
“I’m choosing to go into this with a positive attitude.”
“To please your alpha?”
Mace nodded.
Noah gazed up at him. “He seems like a good man. You must love him very much.”
“Of course.”
Noah shifted his stance but didn’t break eye contact. “My brother never notices subtle things, but … I saw you looking at Gideon as you came over.”
Mace walked over to the bed and sat down. After nearly a minute of silence, he said, “Will it be a problem? I’ve never acted on it and never will.”
“I don’t want to be a consolation prize. It’s unfair to both of us.”
“Why don’t we just try, the way our alphas want us to? Can’t hurt.” He let his gaze wander over Noah. “I do find you attractive.”
Noah came and sat beside him but kept some space between them. “But can we start out as friends?”
“You’re about to go into heat.”
“I can masturbate.”
Mace leaned over. “Cabin’s not that big. You might drive me crazy that way.”
“Then maybe I shouldn’t stay here.”
“No, I want you here.”
“We’ll end up in bed together.”
“Then I’ll promise not to knot you. All right?”
Noah didn’t respond.
“You want to please your alpha, too, right? Especially since he’s your brother.”
After a moment, Noah nodded.
“Then let’s try. If it turns into something permanent, I’ll be faithful. And take damn good care of you and our pups.”
“You’ll love us?”
Mace couldn’t make the lie come out. He settled for saying, “I’ll take care of you. Protect you. Be good to you.”
Noah stood and walked a few feet away. “Better than most omegas get, I suppose.”
“That’s all changing now.” Mace stood as well. “I won’t force you to accept me, but our alphas want this.”
“You keep saying that. I’m not saying it’s not important to me as well, but it doesn’t matter so much if it’s not what we want.”
“Neither of us know that yet. Don’t set us up to fail.”
Noah frowned. “I’m not.”
Mace made himself calm down and back off. Fighting moments after meeting couldn’t be good. “Then let me give you a tour of our pack lands.”
“That would be nice.”
Mace grabbed his keys and held the front door open for Noah. He’d expected the omega to be eager to please and more than ready to submit to the will of the alphas. But now, it seemed Mace had some wooing to do.

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