Sunday, September 20, 2015

Guest Author - Victoria Vallo and Training Him

Welcome Victoria Vallo back to my blog -- as she brings a piece of her new release, Training Him.

Darden engages a pet from the pleasure houses of Nakam more out of boredom than anything else. When the young man is presented to him, he knows something isn’t right. Someone is trying to trick him, and he’s going to find out why and make them pay. But even though Laxus has no training whatsoever, something about him intrigues Darden, most especially his willingness to pretend to be a pleasure slave for a stranger.

Laxus loves sex, and he loves money even more, so he agreed to pose as a pet for the high fee he was offered. But his target immediately sees through his lies, and Darden insists on giving Laxus “proper training” as they keep up the charade to trap Darden’s enemies. Laxus has little choice but to submit to everything Darden has in store for him.


Darden pressed closer. “You trust me then? Believe all the promises I’ve made?”

Laxus hesitated. “I have little choice. If I run away, you could send the authorities after me. You’re my best bet to come out of this unscathed.”

“Yes, I could turn you in, but I won’t if you’re loyal.” He tightened his grip on Laxus’s ass. “Good thing for you I like fucking you so much.”

The door chimed, and Darden nuzzled him, letting everyone see. They walked out of the lift and moved through the waiting people, many of them nodding in acknowledgement to Darden. They walked through the throng in the business district and entered the palace grounds.

“How grateful are you?” Darden asked as he moved slowly and scanned the crowd.

“Very grateful, sir.”

“Do you think you’re up to a little performance?”

Laxus faltered a bit as they came to a stop. “I can try.”

“Then let’s go to the pleasure garden.”

Laxus stumbled along behind him, wondering if he was about to be fucked in public. In the pleasure garden, anything was allowed. The hedges around it were high, but within, one could be seen by the others enjoying dalliances. “Whatever you wish.”

“Everyone here knows me,” Darden whispered. “I want to be seen enjoying you. I want her to think her ploy has worked.”

They approached a guarded archway and were permitted to enter. Laxus heard laughter and moans as they wound through the labyrinth. When they came to a spacious alcove, Darden stopped and pulled Laxus into it. A linen canopy above the space provided some privacy, but the sun shone through the thin fabric so anyone walking by would see them clearly enough.

Darden pulled Laxus into his arms. “I want to be here a while. I’m going to sit and let you suck my cock. Don’t worry about getting me off. Just worry about letting people see my cock in your mouth.”

Darden sat on the couch in the center of the space and drew his tunic off, his muscles rippling as he opened his pants and freed his cock. The shaft already semi-erect, he held it in his hand and pumped. “Come here, pet. I want your mouth on me.”

Laxus knelt, and Darden took hold of the leash to draw him close. They stared at each other a moment, and then Darden pulled him toward his crotch. Laxus opened his mouth and took Darden’s cock in. He sucked gently and tried to keep his gaze locked with Darden’s. Some people slowed as they moved by, and Laxus did his best to ignore them. Staring into the man’s eyes for so long made Laxus feel self-conscious.

Darden shifted his position after a few minutes and began stroking his cheek. “You’re doing well. I bet women loved that tongue of yours.”

Laxus held Darden’s cock and circled his tongue around the head. He wasn’t sure if he was trying to show his gratitude or ingratiate himself even further, but he knew he wished to please Darden. After a few more minutes, Darden stopped him and leaned down to whisper, “Kiss my stomach and chest. Lick and bite my nipples. Caress me.”

Laxus saw pure lust in Darden’s eyes as he pulled back and slouched against the back of the couch. Straightening, Laxus bent over to kiss the man’s flesh. It was hard and hot under his lips, and he closed his eyes to simply enjoy the contact. Darden’s hand came to rest on the back of his head as his tongue traced the muscles of Darden’s abs. He opened his eyes and snaked his tongue out to lick one nipple, and then he bit it gently.

“Suck it,” Darden said, his voice thick and rough.

Laxus did so, sighing and tonguing the nub. He moved to the other nipple and did the same things. Lifting his eyes to Darden, he inched down and trailed kisses back to his cock. Darden tangled his fingers in Laxus’s hair and rubbed his cock across Laxus’s lips.

“I think I like you grateful,” Darden whispered before forcing his cock into Laxus’s mouth.
Laxus gagged as the head entered his throat, but he recovered after a moment. The game seemed to be over as Darden fucked his mouth roughly. Was it simply the stimulation, or had Laxus done something special to make the man this needful? He could hear Darden panting, and then the man gave a soft cry and shuddered as he came down Laxus’s throat and tilted Laxus’s head up just enough for their gazes to meet. Laxus swallowed, his face reddening as his own cock swelled with the need for release. 
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