Sunday, March 29, 2015

April Writing Update

Spring has sprung -- partially.  I'm really ready to bitch-slap Mother Nature at the moment.  It could also be that I'm missing the balmy weather down south.

But if you're looking for heat, look no farther than the stories right here.

March saw the release of Taking Kye, book 2 of the Alaxian Heirs, and Colt's story -- Plumbing His Depths, the third Three Bears tale.


Rode Hard will be coming April 8, 2015 -- the first of a new series, it will center around the cowboys working the Triple M Ranch.  I've never written cowboys before, but I couldn't ignore the call of those wildmen.  Hopefully I've done the ranch hands justice.  Most of the guys are just out for a good time, sharing bodies and loving sex -- but here and there some emotion creeps in and some of them find some happiness. This series will be a collection of various pairings -- Rode Hard is a MM with multiple MMMM scenes.  Others in the series will have the men enjoying all kinds of menage action.  Look for the cover reveal later this week -- it's gorgeous!

Mating Jasek - the third and final story in the Alaxian Heirs trilogy will come later in April.  This story will tie up all the loose ends and finally get our guys to planet Tyri to meet their true parents.  I can't go into much more detail after that -- you'll have to read it to find out!

Coming down the road will be a return of the dragons, a dip back into the Bound BDSM club, potentially a fourth story in the Three Bears storyline to let us see Jax and Golden's wedding (and the bachelor party beforehand!), and then I have another secret project in the works.

So, whether or not Mother Nature brings us any heat -- no worries, I'll make sure these stories are on fire!

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