Sunday, January 25, 2015

NEW RELEASE - Claiming Callum (MM Sci-Fi)

Claiming Callum -- the first book in my new Sci-Fi Alaxian Heirs series is here!

An alien prince was hidden on Earth twenty-five years ago, his freedom a casualty of the Alaxian Civil War.

Callum Walters has no idea of his true origins, growing up believing he’s a typical human alongside his best friend Trex. Callum hides his desire for Trex, afraid the truth will tear them apart.

When he’s attacked by strange men, Trex jumps into action, protecting Callum from danger. Callum is whisked on board an alien ship and taken off Earth. His whole world is stripped from him—everything but Trex.

Yet that relationship is changed, too. Trex is his bodyguard, sworn to his duty to the royal family, not the man Callum thought him. Betrayed, Callum pushes Trex away.

Trex refuses to be pushed and has more secrets to share with Callum, one which will bind them forever.

“Would you jump in front of a bullet to save me?” Callum asked, his mouth working faster than his brain.

Trex turned, his stare capturing Callum’s. “I would.”

Trex’s stare held more than his admission. There was something else bubbling underneath.


“Why would you be so hellbent on doing your duty for a planet you’ve never seen?”

Trex lifted his chin and strolled closer. “Because I was taught the Alaxian ways. When no one was around, my parents taught me the rituals and rites of our world. I understand what is at stake. I may not have seen that world, but I understand it and its traditions. And I know what my reward will be for doing my duty well.”

“Reward? I knew money had to be involved. So what do you get for protecting me?”

Trex closed in, stopping within inches of Callum. He lifted a hand and caressed the side of Callum’s face. Callum’s knees felt weak again, and he nearly dropped to the mattress. He refused to show weakness in Trex’s sight, though, and fought to stay upright, ignoring the spiraling lust caused by Trex’s nearness.

“Not all rewards are monetary,” Trex whispered before kissing Callum.

Callum felt the first touch of Trex’s lips on his, and his body exploded with need. A spark lit through him, like an electric surge that almost took his breath away. He’d wanted Trex for so long, dreaming of this moment. Trex moved his hand, sliding it to the back of Callum’s neck and drawing him closer. The kiss ignited, their lips and tongues warring with one another as Callum pressed his hands against Trex’s chest.
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