Sunday, April 28, 2013

SLAVE WORLD Book I: The Auction Coming Tomorrow!

SLAVE WORLD Book I:  The Auction is a short that came to me quickly and made it to paper in less than twenty-four hours.  I started writing it Friday afternoon and it was done by late Saturday morning.  I LOVE this story and can't wait to write more of them.

My editor is kick-ass and had it back to me within a day, so it has just been uploaded to Amazon and should be ready to go within 12 - 24 hours!

From nothing but an idea at 3 pm Friday afternoon to being published by Monday.  Wow!

This short will be alone, without Book II, and sell for only 99 cents as an introduction to the series.

One of the last humans left after the Takaerie destroyed Earth, Thomas lives on Mythria and works the mine there to earn a meager living.  He meets the daughter of the mine’s owner and falls head over heels.

When her father catches them in the act, he becomes enraged and demands satisfaction for Thomas stealing her innocence.  On trial, Thomas is charged and sentenced to be auctioned off to the highest bidder on Valkin, a sex slave planet.

Once on Valkin, Thomas stands on the block and faces the new world with as much pride as he can muster, which attracts the attention of Lord Valyr, who has always coveted a human slave.

Forced into the possession of a master, Thomas fights the dark desires being a submissive cause within him, without much luck.

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