Triple M Ranch


Triple M Ranch is for my lovers of harder erotic tales.  The cowboys there focus on pleasures of the flesh more than seeking a connection of the heart.  While they find their Happy For Nows, this series is for those readers who just want to read some hot, fun menage and BDSM scenes.

Although the final two books are a little more story focused, as the dangers surrounding the ranch becomes a bit more tenuous.  These last two books also have HEAs.

Rode Hard
Tales from Triple M Ranch, 1

When he’s caught screwing the ranch’s owner, Austin Hemming gets kicked off the property by the owner’s missus. He’s got a long habit of thinking with the wrong head, as his desire for a spot of fun is all he really cares about. Luckily, he’s a hard worker, too, and lands a job at the Triple M ranch in the next county alongside three of the toughest ranch hands around.

Jensen James has been in a three-way with ranch hands Owen and Davis for years. They’d worked well together and loved hard all night, but Jensen couldn’t stop feeling like the odd man out. When ranch owner, Mack Maitland, announces he’s bought the ranch next door and wants to increase his herd—and bring in new hands—Owen and Davis see it as the end to their fun. Jensen sees it as an opportunity, especially after he meets hot-bodied new hand Austin.

The two of them combust when they’re around one another, but soon learn they just might not suit. Jensen refuses to give up, though, and quickly wears Austin down.

Hell Fired
Tales from Triple M Ranch, 2

New ranch hand Grayson McCloud is just settling in to the Triple M when he gets an eyeful. Several of the other hands are participating in a clandestine orgy, and Gray can’t help but watch and listen to the pleasure unfold. Jealousy and loneliness fill him, and he envisions himself having a wild ride with two of the new hands hired about the same time he was. Only problem is, Gray is fairly sure they’re both straight as an arrow.

When he’s paired up with those same two—Scotty Givens and Dale Hughes—they ask him about the moans and groans they’d heard through the thin walls of the bunkhouse. Gray doesn’t know how to respond without giving away the lust he’d felt that night and how much he’d wanted to do the same with Scotty and Dale.

Both men sense Gray’s desire and decide to put him to the test while spending a night on the range, looking for whoever is killing off Triple M cattle. Scotty and Dale each take a piece of Gray and eventually force him to choose between them—although he can’t foresee not having them both.


Wild Ride
Tales from Triple M Ranch, 3

Cooper Hardwick is stuck between a rock and a hard place. On one side is his greedy, sanity-challenged Uncle Pete, who holds a dark secret over Cooper’s head. On the other is Sheriff Nate Tanner, the deliciously handsome lawman who wants to bring his uncle and the goings on at the Circle J Ranch down.

Cooper can’t help but to seduce the sheriff, but he unknowingly aids his uncle in blackmailing the man. Nate can’t forgive what Cooper has done and tosses him out into the night without ever telling Cooper what he’d done to deserve it.

When Pete starts killing off Mack Maitland’s cattle, Cooper knows the man has crossed a line there might not be any coming back from. To save the Triple M, and all the men who call it home, Cooper has to work alongside the man who shattered him a year before. Can he and Nate see through all the lies, all the misunderstanding, and find their way back to one another before Pete explodes into more violence?


Pony Ride
Tales from Triple M Ranch, 4

Fifth generation Texas Ranger Chris Wright has always lived on the right side of the law. When he’s asked to cover up the prostitution ring at the Circle J, he has a crisis of conscious, especially since it’s an infamous and well-connected family member who does the asking.  Chris agrees to go, as long as he has his friend and fellow Ranger, Joaquin Maverick, at his side.

Maverick isn’t all that enthused to have been pulled into the mess, given that he may have to play a role in the cover up.  When the two roll into the Circle J, things become even more of a mess when one of the whorehouse’s pony prostitutes turns out to be a young man from Maverick’s past. Their preconceived ideas about sex, love, and pony play are put to the test as they try to stay on the right side of the law.


Bronc Buster
Tales from Triple M Ranch, 5

COMING 10/28/2015
Shot in the chest, Mack Maitland is left for dead on his ranch, the Triple M.  When his hands finally find him, he’s nearly knocking on the Pearly Gates.  Luckily for him, Dr. Timothy McArthur has a selfish need to see Mack survive.
Tim has always felt a rush of desire every time he laid eyes on the handsome widower.  Mack is straight as an arrow, and Tim had always thought himself the same, so the doctor pushes the need he feels down deep.  Being one of only five doctors in a small ranching community keeps him too busy to think about having a love life.
When Mack mutters something in his post-op drugged state, it floors Tim.  And makes him realize that maybe there’s a chance. 

A chance that scares the hell out of him.  
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