Novus Prime

Novus Prime, 1

Daniel is one of the last existing humans in the universe. Sold into sexual slavery by the very beings who destroyed Earth, he lives day by day, surviving by yielding to his master. That is, until he’s captured and stolen from the whorehouse he called home by one of the men who aided in his planet’s destruction.

Galec has been sent to find Daniel—and the map the human wears on his arm. A mythic treasure of untold value lays at the end, if they can only decipher it. He captures the human, hoping the male knows more about the prize.

What Galec doesn’t expect is to fall for the human. Suddenly, the treasure isn’t as valuable as what he’s already found.

But can the human accept him—one Daniel claims helped destroy the world?

Warnings:  MPREG, SciFi, MM

Twisted E-Pub  *  Amazon  *  All Romance      

Novus Prime, 2    

Daius has spent his days searching for a way into the Neptune Colony, as have many other bio-males. After failing the humans once, he’s adamant he can help free the colony. When he follows a rumor about a stolen Hje transport filled with heliotrope, he tracks down the pirates who took it—along with a piece of special cargo the Hje are anxious to retrieve. 

Once he unlocks one door, he finds he needs another key.

Izak Abernathy has lived his entire life on Neptune. Trying to rebel got him locked up and left to rot. His future changes when the head of the Hje choses him as a personal servant—which puts him straight in the path of Daius.

Is Izak the key to giving Daius everything he wants?

Twisted E-Pub  *  Amazon  *  All Romance 

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