JLC Construction

JLC Construction was started by three best friends, the J(ax), L(inc) and C(olt) in the name, to flip houses and renew the quiet community that was slowly dying around them.

The three are also openly gay, and enjoy sharing their lovers.  But things shift when each one of them find a man who means more to them than someone to simply have a good time with.  Love comes calling on JLC one by one.

Golden and the Three Bears

A JLC Construction Story, 1
(Also in the Twisted Erotic Fairy Tale Line)

When Golden’s estranged grandmother passes, she leaves him everything. Everything is a storybook cottage that’s not seen much TLC over the years. Golden takes a long weekend to come see the place, but the memories of the rift between them threatens to be too much. He welcomes a handsome distraction that approaches his door.

Hunky Jax was Gran’s neighbor, sharing a house next door with his two best friends and construction business partners. All three muscular, masculine men tempt Golden, and given his desire to forget, a roll in the sack seems much better than dealing with his real life and the loss he didn’t expect to dredge up old pain.

When the connection Golden feels for Jax isn’t in-line with his no strings mantra, he runs. Yet something keeps pulling Golden back to the house he’s sold to the three sexy bears. Sneaking in on an open house of the old place might change his world completely.


Linc's Little Piggy

A JLC Construction Story, 2
(Also in the Twisted Erotic Fairy Tale Line)

Chance Pigg has had a thing for Linc McGrath since they were in middle school. Linc avoided Chance at every turn, but that didn’t stop Chance from hoping—especially after Linc defended Chance from schoolyard tormentors.

Now all grown up, realtor Chance helps Linc and his friends buy and sell the houses they flip for profit, still hoping Linc might finally notice him one day.

Linc has avoided Chance, sure, but it was more to hide his own feelings. Buried for so long, avoiding Chance became his norm. It took a slap to the face to wake Linc to the smart, hardworking, and hot man right under his nose that he had no good reason not to take. Once his desire is awakened again, Linc will do everything in his power to claim Chance.

But Linc is used to no-strings fun. Chance comes with his own set of strings. Will Linc realize too late how tied up he really wants to be?


Plumbing His Depths

A JLC Construction Story, 3
(Also in the Twisted Erotic Fairy Tale Line)

Plumber Ryan Fleming is working hard to get his fledgling business off the ground, harder still when his old boss starts spreading lies about Ryan’s skill and work ethic. When a job offer comes from Colt of JLC Construction, Ryan can’t ignore the potential to grow his company, even if he has a few qualms about working with the man.

Colt Ferguson hasn’t exactly made it a secret that he wants Ryan. He’s never come out and officially made a pass, but the vibe is there and Ryan senses it. While he ignores the heated glances Colt sends his way, he can’t ignore the confusing feelings those glances cause.

Ryan is straight. At least he’s fairly sure he is, but when he sees Colt, he’s not so sure about anything. Working one on one with the man will test his desire and when they’re alone on the job, boundaries will be crossed.

If Ryan can overcome his fears, he might get more than he’s bargained for.


Six Men & a Wedding

A JLC Construction Story, 4

Golden and Jax are getting married, but not before their friends Colt and Linc, along with their boyfriends, can organize a bachelor party to end all bachelor parties. The men go out for a night of their lives, celebrating their love, and their friendships.

Once they get home, sparks fly between the six thanks to a little over imbibing and Golden’s desire to share Linc and Colt one more time before he walks down the aisle.
The night tests the limits of their friendships, as well as, the newfound loves the other men now have.

When it comes to the day of the wedding, will there be anyone left together?


His Skittish Sub

A JLC Construction Story, 5

Damien Rosetta comes to his best friend’s wedding with the date from hell. Of course, that’s the perfect time for fate to put the man of his dreams in his path, the very moment he can’t do a thing about it. Damien can’t get the man off his mind, and when fate finds another way to bring the pair together, Damien isn’t taking no for an answer.

Lucas Cullen was supposed to meet Damien at the bachelor party, but chickens out before the night barely begins, never meeting the man. One look at the sexy Damien, and Lucas’ shyness takes over. When he gets a second chance at the wedding, his tongue ties in twenty different knots and he blows another shot. Friends orchestrate one more meeting, knowing the third time’s gotta be a charm.

Damien is entranced. He can think of nothing but Lucas and having the man, but he’s thwarted at every turn. Can Lucas get over his shyness and surrender before it’s too late?


Nailing the Foreman

A JLC Construction Story, 6

Coming May 2017

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