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Eight Dragon Houses

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House of Fire

Fire Dragons Book One

Rhaege, Drakon of the Fire Dragons, is cursed to live his eternal life without his human mate. He watched broken–hearted as the first died in his arms over a thousand years ago and has had to witness the same occur six more times since. When he meets the eighth incarnation, a pick–pocketing, smart–mouthed teenager, Rhaege isn’t sure what to do with him.

Reincarnated over and over, Micah has dreamed of Rhaege his entire life. When Micah meets the shifter after snatching his wallet, Micah immediately feels the connection, but fights it. He’s lived most of his life on the streets, unloved and unwanted, and fear makes him run—right into the dragons’ worst enemy.

After saving his human, Rhaege hands the boy over to his best friend for safe keeping, knowing Micah’s too young and he’s too weak. When the time comes five years later for Rhaege to claim what’s his, he ignores the call. The guilt won’t let him take his lover into his arms yet again, knowing it’s a death sentence for Micah.
But Micah now yearns for the love he’s witnessed in his dreams and is willing to die to have a taste of his dragon.

Fire Dragons Book Two

After he lost his human mate over 700 years before, Phrenzy had given up hope his lover would be reincarnated and returned to him.  He’d failed to protect his Drakon’s mate, so destiny seemed willing to punish him forevermore without his as well.  After finally earning Rhaege’s trust again, he’s photographed mid-shift, and pictures of him as human and as dragon surface, putting the entire race at risk.  Charged with finding the photographer and having him recant, Phrenzy rushes to stop the potential firestorm the pictures could cause.

Photojournalist Diego Guerra has stood on the sidelines of life, a witness to the world around him.  Dreams of dragons and a dragon lover have haunted him for years, making him withdraw from others.  When he sees the powerful man shift into a dragon, he knows he’s crazy, but photographs the scene in hopes he’s not—especially considering his deep attraction to his subject.

Can Phrenzy tempt his photojournalist to step from behind the lens and enjoy a rich life shared with him, or will the evil that threatens both the dragon and human worlds end their chances?


Fire Dragons Book Three

Teamed with an unlikely partner, Khaos heads to the Amazon basin in his search for the next Dragon Heart. Little does he know that in the midst of the tropical jungle, he’ll find his human mate.

Henry is more than Khaos could’ve ever expected, and offers Khaos a chance for redemption for a wrong Khaos committed a long time ago.

But once Henry realizes just how monstrous his lover can be, is there any chance he’ll cede his mind, body, and soul?


House of Earth

Earth Dragons Book One

Carreg, Drakon of the House of Earth Dragons, knows his mate the second he spies the human on the grounds of his Scottish Castle. He lures Liam closer, hoping to unlock the memories that might lie dormant in the man’s head—memories of being in Carreg’s arms during past incarnations.

Liam McDaniel grew up an orphan and raised by nuns in the small village of Lochraven. There he’ll forever be in the shadow of his past. When he finds a journal outlining the location of a treasure hidden in Dunwoodie Castle, he plans to seek it out and use it to free himself. Only he comes face to face with a man he can’t ignore and memories of other lives that fill him with emotion and need unlike anything he’s ever experienced.

Carreg learns of the human’s plans—his mate planned to take the infamous Earth Dragon Heart, one of eight stones given to each house millennia ago. Only Liam isn’t the only one searching for the stone. A threat from the past also needs the stones for his own plans and is willing to use Liam to get what he wants.


Earth Dragons Book Two

Endless years of searching—only to ultimately find heartache—has worn Graig to the bone. Yes, his human mate continues to return to him generation after generation, but often with tragic consequences. The pain seems too much to bear any longer. 

When the Earth Dragon meets the newest incarnation in a Dublin church—a seminary student, no less—Graig’s tempted to turn his back on the impending pain to come. 

But Ciarán is at a crossroads, sensing he’s forged the wrong path. Once he meets his dragon, he knows a new adventure is his for the taking. If he can only convince the dragon he’s willing to fall. 


Earth Dragons Book Three


House of Air
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