Wednesday, June 17, 2015

NEW RELEASE: Wild Ride, Triple M Ranch Book 3


For all of you who've been scratching your head over Mack Maitland's not so friendly neighbor Pete Hardwick at the Circle J, this story will clear a lot of the mystery up.

Also, for those of you who love pony play, there's a lot of that kink in this story.  Not familiar with pony play?  Check out my post here ---

Cooper Hardwick is stuck between a rock and a hard place. On one side is his greedy, sanity-challenged Uncle Pete, who holds a dark secret over Cooper’s head. On the other is Sheriff Nate Tanner, the deliciously handsome lawman who wants to bring his uncle and the goings on at the Circle J Ranch down.

Cooper can’t help but to seduce the sheriff, but he unknowingly aids his uncle in blackmailing the man. Nate can’t forgive what Cooper has done and tosses him out into the night without ever telling Cooper what he’d done to deserve it.

When Pete starts killing off Mack Maitland’s cattle, Cooper knows the man has crossed a line there might not be any coming back from. To save the Triple M, and all the men who call it home, Cooper has to work alongside the man who shattered him a year before. Can he and Nate see through all the lies, all the misunderstanding, and find their way back to one another before Pete explodes into more violence?

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