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Night of the Dead

by Xander Kane

After losing a bet with his friends while vacationing in New Orleans, Tig is forced to jump over one of the guarded cemetery walls and spend one hour in the dark amongst the dead. He's scared out of his mind. It being the night before Halloween doesn't help his nerves, either.

But Tig finds more than he bargained for inside those walls. He's not alone... 

A group of men gather there for a ceremony of sorts... one that places Tig naked and on his knees before them. Before the night of the dead is over, he'll be claimed, body and soul.

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Questions I've already gotten about XANDER KANE

1. Who is Xander Kane?

When I started my career, I wrote smut. Pure and simple. Just for the fun of it. 

Along the way, I started listening to complaints about too much sex and not enough story. I changed my writing style... and lost some of what Kelex had started out to be. 

I sometimes miss the fun, wicked little stories I used to write and want to be able to write them on occasion. 

That's why Xander was born.

2. Will you stop writing as Kelex?

No. FULL STOP. While I miss the old days at times, I LOVE where this journey has taken me. There will absolutely be many more Kelex books to come. What I "lost" from my initial comment really means "I evolved" into a slightly different writer.

3. Why the split? Why not just write those books as Kelex?

After the 2018 Reader Questionnaire, it became obvious that I had two very disparate groups of readers. Those who LOVED the erotic romance I write with Bear Mountain, Midnight, the MPREG, etc... or those of you who miss the old books I used to write early in my career.

While some of you read it all... there are a large number who picked a side.

By breaking into two pen names, readers will have a better idea of what they're about to read. Kelex books will still be strong heat level erotic romance, and Kelex Writing as Xander Kane will be little to no romance, focusing on sexual fantasy.

Kelex's name will be on ALL Xander books, so those of you who are down for anything won't have any problem finding my books.

4. That first Xander book sounds kinda scary. Is that the kind of thing Xander will write?

Night of the Dead is a spooky, seasonal story based on the current time of year. With Halloween around the corner, it felt like a great time to write something a little scary -- but no, there's no real horror there.

Horror erotica will not be Xander's regular thing... not to say I won't write another scary little story here and there along the way. This one has been fun so far! 

I'll write whatever hits me. Sci-Fi, Shifters, Contemporary, BDSM... just as I've always done. 

5. Which of your books already published would be closer to the ones you'll now write as Xander?

Just to name a few...

The Master's New Toy Series
The Duke's Plaything Series
Quads of Alpha S Series
The Dungeon Series
Daddies Series

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