Saturday, July 2, 2016

Guest Author: Jayson Jax and Taken by the Caveman

Welcome Jayson Jax to my blog for the very first time.  He's bringing a snippet of his first release, Taken by the Caveman (Caveman Isle, 1).

Since the holiday approaches, my typical Sunday guest is getting this Saturday spot this week instead.  Happy Grilling!

Carter Burke has spent much of his life learning about the past. Specifically, the Paleolithic Man. When an amazing opportunity for research crosses his path, he can’t say no. 

Once on Sir Ian Gallagher’s Caribbean island, he learns the opportunity isn’t quite what he expected. 

Sir Ian is a modern day Moreau, but instead of deadly genetic experiments on animals, Sir Ian has focused his attentions on the caveman. 

Tossed into a caveman’s habitat, Carter must defend himself against the lusts the lonely caveman has—only to find he must fight his own as well. 

The archaic male’s brow ridge wasn’t as pronounced as it should be, either. Carter had seen modern men with ones just as heavy. This male was somewhere between homo idaltu and modern man. His eyes… they were golden in color.  Lighter shades were theorized to have come much, much later in evolution, so once again, the modern parts of him were on display. 

As he met the specimen’s stare, Carter was sure he saw a clarity… an alertness… maybe even an intelligence there that was unexpected.  The prehistoric male didn’t seem to be shocked or scared by Carter’s presence and what had to be odd look from the specimen’s point of view.

Carter was also shocked by the male’s cleanliness.  Where the homo erectus he’d witnessed from the control room appeared filthy, idaltu appeared clean.  His muscled body, face, and hands were dirt-free.  His hair was twisted into tight, neat dreadlocks.  His face even appeared to have been clean-shaven at some point within the last few days.

He wore a tiny scrap of hide over his private areas and had a rope of some kind wrapped over his chest.

Almost ashamed to think it—Carter drew in a breath, shocked by the fact he found the specimen… handsome.

Just as Carter was taking in the sight of the male, he was being observed. 

The idaltu stepped closer.  Carter stepped back.

The primitive man tilted his head, watching Carter closely.  He took another step forward, only to chuckle as Carter stepped back once more.

After narrowing his eyes a moment, the idaltu punched his upper chest with a fist.  “Ma’tic.”

Carter took another step back, but came against the metal door.  The idaltu took advantage, coming within inches of Carter.  He again slapped his chest.  “Ma’tic.”

He then lightly punched Carter in the chest.

Carter frowned, unsure what the male was trying to tell him.

Again, he punched his own chest.  “Ma’tic.”  He then pressed his fist against Carter’s chest, nodding.

His name.  A flood of excitement poured through Carter.  Language was something that generated through a culture.  These specimens wouldn’t have had the means to know an ancient language spoken a hundred and sixty thousand years ago.  Had they made their own within the walls of Sir Ian’s habitat?

Carter pressed his own fist against the male’s chest.  “Ma’tic.”  He then touched his own.  “Carter.”

The idaltu smiled.  He softly touched Carter’s chest.  “Caw-ter”

Ma’tic stepped closer, grasping the front of Carter’s shirt.  The ancient man explored the buttons that lined the front before ripping one off and bringing it to his mouth.  He bit the button before grunting and tossing it over one shoulder.

Before Carter could stop him, Ma’tic ripped his shirt to shreds.

A sliver of fear rose through Carter as he tried to draw what was left of his shirt about him.  While he was doing that, Ma’tic was investigating the clasp on Carter’s jeans.  Ma’tic looked as if he was about to rip the button off.

“No!” Carter cried.

Ma’tic leaned in closer, his head tilting.  “Yes. Mine,” he growled before ripping the riveted button with his bare hands.

Mine. How did Ma’tic know a word in English?  Did he know more? Carter realized there had to be more secrets on this island.

Carter was quickly divested of his clothing.  Left in only his running shoes, socks, and briefs, Carter stood shaking before Ma’tic.

Ma’tic caressed the front of Carter’s shaft through his briefs before lifting his hand to grab the back of Carter’s neck.  “Caw-ter, mine.”  He lowered his head to press his lips to Carter’s.

Dragging Carter against him, Ma’tic held on tight.  His strength was apparent and for some reason… for some insane reason… Carter felt himself excited by it. But that wasn’t the only thing driving Carter insane.  Carter could feel Ma’tic’s erection hard against his stomach.  It throbbed with life, ready to claim what Ma’tic saw was his.
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