Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Alex Bowman is KELEX is Alex Bowman...

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My first MM romance was written in 2012... and it wasn't under the name Kelex.

I started out in the MM erotic romance world as Alex Bowman.

Why didn't I stick with that name?

Several reasons... but the main one was that as Kelex, I was writing a much higher heat content in the beginning than what I was writing as Alex.

My early Kelex stories were erotica, not erotic romance.  The sex was the focus and there was little to no romance in those stories.  My Alex Bowman stories were more romance than erotica, so it felt right to split them up so readers would know what they were getting.

My Alex Bowman stories sort of fell my the wayside as Kelex took off like a rocket.  

But over time, the high erotic content in my Kelex stories didn't fulfill me as a writer and I started adding more and more romance to the erotica I was writing.  
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The gap between Kelex and Alex Bowman started to narrow over the last year or so.

There were two series I wrote as Alex Bowman that have really nagged me to finish, and instead of stretching myself too thin and writing as two pen names, I've decided to merge these two worlds so I can fit them into my 2016 writing schedule.

My Kent Street Tales -- revolving around an old, dying downtown being reborn as a LGBT neighborhood -- was one that's been screaming at me for a long, long time.  It was time to get back to work on that.

Also, the Men of Rock Candy -- a series I started in the Evernight Publishing anthology, Lover Unexpected.  I'd really like to get back to that world as well.

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I've also got a duo -- the Soul Collector books -- that I absolutely loved.  I'd love for them to see the light of day now!

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