Monday, July 13, 2015

Bound to Two Bears - Companion Guide

Newly dumped Carson Davies decides the vacation he’d planned to take his girlfriend on—in hopes of fixing their troubled relationship—is the perfect getaway he needs to clear his head. A few days of solitude, hiking along picturesque Bear Mountain is just what he thinks he needs to move on. But as soon as he arrives, he’s shocked by the sensual reaction he has to the two owners. The two male owners. Carson has never been attracted to a man, and he fights the sensation tooth and nail.

Royce and Jared know their mate as soon as he walks in the door of the main lodge. They’re ready to claim what’s theirs, but know they need to be careful. The man sees himself as straight, but that’s the least of their problems. They’ll need to show him their true nature, their inner bear, and hope it doesn’t send the man packing.

The shifters have just three days before the human is scheduled to go home. In a short span, they’ve got to show Carson how bound they all are and hope they can seduce the man into surrendering.

Within the story, one of our bears has a wonderfully equipped playroom for the three to play with.  This companion guide will help you visualized some of the BDSM items used inside the story.

First off -- a spanking bench.  If you've read a lot of my stories, you've seen this before.  In case you're new to my books, you may not know what a spanking bench is.  Both the following pictures illustrates the concept pretty well. There are a variety of styles these benches come in, but the one depicted in the story is pretty close to the first.

Next, flogging.  Most people know what a flogging is, but just in case, I don't want to omit it.  A flogger is something between a whip and a paddle. It's made up of strips of leather, that depending on the strength behind the blow, can either be a slight sting to a burning pain.

Finally, there's a scene where a male masturbator is used.  Many know the Fleshlight/Fleshjack (the Fleshjack is targets gay men with a more masculine looking mouth and no vaginal inserts versus the Fleshlight, which targets heterosexual men.) But there are actually many other masturbators on the market.

Now as I researched masturbators, even my eyes were opened.  I was shocked at all the ones available.  They range from the simple, those similar to the Fleshjack, to ones that are partial bodies with asses and cocks for whatever the customer is up far. That last one almost scares me.  And of course, the one used in the story was one of the simpler Fleshjack-like styles.

Happy reading!  And I hope you enjoy my bears -- there are more of them to come!
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